A Biometric Based Security lock Solution for Vaults, ATM and Safes

BAVMS is designed to secure access to your vaults, ATMs, safes and strong room doors as it contains innovative features, built on a modern electronic platform and reliable mechanics with an intuitive user interface for easy operation and simple maintenance.

OUR BAVMS is designed for new applications as well as retrofitting on existing safes and vaults.

Protect your valuables and confidential data

Simplicity and Clarity

A large, clear display with common-sense icons makes operation quick and self-explanatory for any user. Keypad and display are illuminated.

Reliable Technology

Motor-driven lock bolt with standard measurements for easy retrofit and durable components for longevity.

Biometrics Controlled

The standard level of security can be enhanced with the addition of a fingerprint reader.

Powerful Software

A choice of software solutions ensures that lock management is kept efficient and simple.

Innovative One-Time Code Management

Unique to GSL 1000, mobile technology can be used for OTC distribution and access management.

Efficient Data Access

The lock is equipped with a USB interface that can be used to download the audit trail or even to upload changes to the lock configuration.

Extreme Versatility

As your needs change, so can the lock. A stand-alone lock can easily be integrated into your security system or become part of a wider network of locks. Control can also be scaled up and centralized through remote, online management.


2 Users Access for Vault Custodian

  • Each Branch Vault has 1 vault Ante-room door, 1 Main-Vault Door and a Grill gate. The solution will be used to manage the 3 doors.


  • More than 2 persons (Vault Custodians) will be given access privilege to the vault doors. 


  • Any two must combine both fingerprint and unique individual password to have access to any of the doors (i.e. if Vault Custodians with Access Privilege in each branch are A,B,C,D: to gain access to the vault anytime will require both password and fingerprint combination).


Possible combinations are A&B or B&C or B&D or A&C or A&D or


Hardware Components

  • Composite housing in contemporary design 
  • High resistant silicon keypad with backlight
  • Large LCD display with icon-based logic
  • Multi-tune beeper confirms commands
  • Biometric reader is an optional feature 
  • Battery accessible from the outside
  • USB connector for advanced communication
  • Motor-driven locking bolt 
  • Adjustable lock bolt length
  • Easy cable connections
  • “Magic module” – standard footprint and fitting
  • Integrated In-/Out-puts for system integration

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