Market’s No. 1 choice

Axis remains the market leader in network video products since it introduced the world’s first network camera in 1996.

Live video at anytime, from anywhere

Axis’ award-winning network video products are designed with built-in computers so they do not require a direct connection to a PC or any additional software to stream live video and audio over networks. Simply connect the network video products to an IP network (such as a LAN, intranet or Internet) and view live images from any local or remote, networked computer with a standard web browser.

Endless possibilities

Axis network video products can be used to remotely and cost-effectively monitor and protect people, places, and assets; secure sites with the help of alarm information and video motion detection; provide remote product demonstrations or consultations from anywhere in the world; or broadcast live images on websites for promotion purposes.

Video surveillance equipment

Network cameras: connects directly to an IP network, providing digital video for all kinds of applications. Network cameras
Video encoders: integrates existing analog system with the latest IP technology, enabling analog video to be digitized, transmitted and viewed over an IP network. Video encoders
Video management software: in-house as well as specialized software provided by Axis’ Application Development Partners. Video management software
Camera applications: Axis compatible applications for download to network video products; typically analytics and intelligent video (IV) applications. Camera applications
Accessories: mounts, protective housings, IR illuminators,wireless bridges, power over Ethernet and much more. Accessories
Surveillance kits: economical purchases of network cameras together with housing or software. Video surveillance kits