Business Solution – Government


At the heart of every responsible and responsive government is the optimum utilization of her resources both natural and human resources, protection of lives and properties at every level. These resources can only have positive effect if we have equally resourceful and committed man-power.


Therefore, in order to address effective utilization of our abundant natural resource we must address the aspect of human attitude to work, commitment, dedication, security, dignity of labour and some level of performance measurement. All these have a significant impact on organizational productivity, profitability and sustainability. Therefore, every government must know the number of civil servants under her employment and put in place parameter to ensure their productivity, at least to a meaningful proportion. Statistics reveals that up to 55% of government recurrent expenditure revolves salaries, which are most time unjustifiable due to;

  • Late arrival to work
  • Ghost workers
  • Absenteeism
  • Improper Leave Administration
  • Improper Retirement Administration

It is at these point we introduce to you TAMS® - Time and Access Management Systems.