Business Solution – Healthcare


As the healthcare sector places particularly high demands on IT, quality healthcare has become a top priority for effective health administrators and manager. Losing track of efficiency in the health sector with respect to staff inefficiency can be quick to cause a major setback to the overall health and medical system.

TAMS® Health now allows hospitals to retrieve a patient’s electronic health record with one biometric scan without having to enter any additional information like a driver’s license, social security number etc. Easily interfaced with any health service application, TAMS Health™ includes the ability to:

  1. Host biometric data matching, locally or cloud base
  2. Provide access to HMO account of patience on the scheme
  3. Ensure the right care is delivered to the right patient
  4. Strengthen red flag compliance and eliminate medical identity theft
  5. Streamline the patient identification process for increased efficiency

We offer additional healthcare biometrics technology resources like Access Control and CCTV Surveillance solution curtail data security breaches, and biometric hospital employee Time and Attendance systems.