tams enterprise



+ TAMS Enterprise Service

The Enterprise version of TAMS is local/remote software which can be integrated into your network infrastructure. The management software is installed on an administrative PC where the biometric device can be accessed via your network. The biometric device is connected to the local area network; network hub can however be created if a network infrastructure isn’t in place. This option of TAMS solution allows the admin/supervisor to generate report of clocks (in and out) and a few other statistical reports.

Features of TAMS Enterprise Service
1. TAMS Enterprise Application is installed on an administrative PC within a LAN/VPN
2. Secure login interface on the biometric application
3. Employee bio-data management system
4. Data storage and report accessibility are limited to you LAN/VPN
5. Numerous built-in standard reports e.g. attendance, lateness, absent, etc.
6. Report generation is limited to your Local Area Network/VPN
7. No attendance SMS alerts
8. No remote backup storage for data other than the device and the Admin PC where the
software is installed.