Preamble – Close User Group (CUG)


  • About Flexcom
    Flexcom is a CUG service that allows a wireless mobile intercom system that connects all members of a defined group locally and internationally.
    FlexCom is a brand name for the CUG specifically designed for organizations to connect all staff, their family and friends on one same network.
    It is a unique CUG service designed for SMEs to allow them consistently grow their business with minimum communication cost.
    Flexcom will also allow the entire members of an organization to call one another for free and enjoy other numerous benefits available on the service.
    Organizations can effectively reduce all communication cost and maximize economic opportunities with FlexCom, the telecommunication solution advantage.
    Besides that, it affords every member of the group to make external calls (calls outside group members) at reduced rates.

    What your Organization Stand to Enjoy on the Service:
    •    Unlimited Free Calls among users
    •    Create a sub Group for Family and Friends
    •    Unbeatable call rates outside the group
    •    Affordable International Call rate
    •    Affordable monthly service charge
    •    Exceptional Customer care service
    •    Free SMS
    •    Free Lines
    •    Flexible and affordable subscription option
    •    Unlimited Free Mobile Communication

    Who should use Flexcom
    FlexCom is available for:
    •    All organization sectors (Private and Public)
    •    Staff and Clients of all organization sectors
    •    Family and friends
    •    Business Partners




  • FlexCom service is a service that allows individuals or groups with similar interest to communicate freely among one another without a thought of limited airtime.

    The solution has been broken into 2 phases, to enable your organization subscribe as it best suits your organizational needs, please see below details of our Super Flexcom and Classic Flexcom Packages currently in use by over 250 organizations across board.

    Super Flexcom Package
    The Super Flexcom service is an exciting, attractive and unique Flexcom product offering from Globacom which gives a matchless opportunity to achieve more, accomplish better by allaying the fear of restricted calls with its distinctive feature of ‘Flexible minutes’ while giving you access to unimaginable number of SMS and Data while maintaining Zero cost on all calls initiated within your CUG group.

    With the Super Flexcom service you can have access to:

    •  Unlimited calls within your CUG group
    • Zero charges on sms within your CUG group
    • 500 Free SMS (To on-net, off-net and International numbers)
    • 300 Minutes Free Calls (To on-net, off-net and International numbers)
    • 5GB Data Bundle

    Based on market realities, we have strongly established that if all services bundled under the super Flexcom solution are to be unbundled it will attract not less than 60% increment as cost of procurement, the service is therefore tested and trusted as means of reducing cost while maintaining high user satisfaction

    Classic Flexcom Package
    Classic Flexcom package creates a flexible and mobile intercom system within an organization, it avails every user within the group to communicate freely among one another without the worry of airtime running out
    The service is summary is a network of free communication within members and group; messaging within the closed user group also comes at absolutely no cost

    This unique service is bundled with:

    •  24 hours Free Calls among Group Members
    •  Best Call Rates Outside the Group and also on per second billing
    •  Serialized Mobile Numbers
    •  Free unlimited SMS within the group.
    •  Wider and stronger network coverage

  • Subscription and Pricing

    Subscription to the CUG service is opened to any organization, individual or group. With as few as six subscribers, you can be migrated to the service. To enjoy the package all you need to do is to pay an activation fee n each line, depending on the number of subscribers, each line would pay 3 Months in advance the cost of its Service Charge.

    Please find below service charges in relation to the flexcom package





    FLEXCOM CLASSIC 1,000 Naira/(Mth) Unimited CUG calls + Unlimited sms within the group
    FLEXCOM SMART  -5 6,500 Naira/(Mth) 300 Minutes free talk-time + 5GB Data+ Unlimited CUG Calls + Unlimited SMS to CUG + 500 Free SMS to Offnet Lines
    FLEXCOM SMART  -10 11,500Naira/ (Mth) 600 Minutes free talk-time + 10GB Data+ Unlimited CUG Calls + Unlimited SMS within the CUG+ 500 Free SMS to Offnet Lines
    FLEXCOM FAMILY BUNDLE 10,500 Naira/(Mth) 1 Super Flexcom Line + 300 Minutes free talk time + 5GB Data + Unlimited CUG calls+ Unlimited SMS + 4 other Flexcom classic lines

    For enquiries, prompt discount and instant subscription, please call 08074565705 or 08113898227

  • FAQs: Closed User Group

    What is Closed User Group (CUG)?
    Closed User Group (CUG) allows persons within a predefined “user group” to make and receive unlimited calls within the same group. A monthly subscription fee applies for each member that joins the defined CUG.

    How does the CUG work?
    Once a CUG is defined, members can call other members of the same Closed User Group without incurring a call charge.
    If the call being made is to a number outside the CUG, then regular rates will apply.

    Who can be a member of a Closed User Group?
    As a corporate customer, you decide and define the members of your own User Group. This service enables users to save on calls made to other employees that are members of the same group.

    What are the benefits of joining a CUG?
    • Mobile phones can be provided to staff with complete cost control.
    • Potential for companies to make significant savings on calls made.
    • Easy budgeting for companies.
    • Prevents fraudulent use of company’s phones for non business calls.

    How do I apply for the service?
    Companies can contact the Digicel Corporate desk for further information regarding the creation of a CUG account. Once you are satisfied with the Charges/subscription for CUG, you then complete an application form for the service to be activated.

    FlexCom….A unique talk solution powered by Globacom
    FlexCom….The most viable communication solution for all businesses